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HPE0-J74試験番号:HPE0-J74 出題内容
試験科目:「Foundations of HPE Storage Solutions exam」

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受験生の皆様にもっと多くの助けを差し上げるために、JapanCert のHPのHPE0-J74 学習教材はインターネットであなたの緊張を解消することができます。HPE0-J74 学習教材 勉強資料は公式HPのHPE0-J74 学習教材授業 、HPのHPE0-J74 学習教材 自習ガイド、HPのHPE0-J74 学習教材 の試験と実践やHPのHPE0-J74 学習教材などに含まれています。JapanCert がデザインしたHPのHPE0-J74 学習教材パッケージはあなたが楽に試験に合格することを助けます。JapanCertの勉強資料を手に入れたら、指示に従えば HPE0-J74 学習教材に受かることはたやすくなります。

NO.1 Which HPE tool provides a mix of validated storage configurations, guidelines, and suggestions
on a variety of HPE storage solutions?
A. HPE Product Bulletin
B. HPE SalesBuilder for Windows
C. HPE Single Point of connectivity Knowledge
D. HPE Storage Sizing Tool
Answer: B

HPE0-J74 信頼度   

NO.2 A customer wants to use an HPE StoreEasy 3000 to host a SQL Server database. How can MS-
SQL be configured to use an SMB share rather than local storage?
A. Combine throughput of all network adapters and cluster nodes together.
B. Configure NP1V in the local network adapters to reach the SMB Share.
C. Set up a new HPE StoreEasy 3000 to create a Microsoft SQL Cluster.
D. Configure the default database locations using UNC paths (\server\share) instead of a local drive
Answer: D

NO.3 Which functions are provided by server-based storage virtualization? (Select two.)
A. Host path failover
B. Intelligent LUN expansion and reduction
C. Thin provisioning
D. Performance load balancing of SAN connections
E. Volume sharing among multiple servers
Answer: A,D

HPE0-J74 返金   

NO.4 What are benefits of using the NinjaProtected Tool? (Select two.)
A. identifies the agents that the solution needs
B. assists in finding opportunities for cost reductions
C. measures the performance of transactions
D. identifies potential deduplication-driven benefits
E. simplifies the number of licenses required
Answer: B,D

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